The primary audience for this site is American students.


The Student Travel site was previously written by another Guide and there is a lot of basic content. The goal is to salvage as much of the content as possible, while using editorial judgment to decide what new topics warrant coverage first. The new guide will be tasked with building on the existing content to make the site more comprehensive, replacing out of date or poor content, but making sure not to duplicate content that already exists on the site. Creativity and flexibility in managing this content is a must. The site will retain its navigation, and the new Guide can decide to keep the navigation as-is, or they can choose to edit it.

I. Planning Your Trip
A. Deciding the purpose of your trip — spring break, relaxation, visit a special place, studying abroad, meeting people, volunteer travel
B. Deciding where to go — domestic, international, cruise
C. Deciding how to get there — plane, car, bus, train
D. Deciding how to get around once there.
E. To use a tour group or not?

II. Tour Groups
A. Tours in General
1. How to pick a tour — what to look for
2. Scams to Avoid
3. Types of Tours
4. Ways to Save
B. U.S. / Canada Tour Groups
C. International Tour Groups
III. Health/Safety
IV. Discounts
A. How to find discounts, take advantage of student rates
B. Blog posts on great discounts and sales

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